5 Most Important Puppy Potty Training Tips to Follow

Having a new puppy in the house – you have a bundle of wonderful things to do and enjoy with your furry kid. Sweet kisses, games, fetch and tug along with cuddling and fun time, all these really enriching your life.

However, with these sweet things also come a few not so admiring jobs that you need to tackle with while living with a pup. Apart from training lots of things, the first thing that comes on the list of your puppy training is potty training. Addition of a new member to the family brings in loads of pleasures as well as bundles of responsibility. It is also crucial that you take on responsibility of inculcating manners and teach some basic things. It’s really a tricky job but a crucial thing to not miss when you have to go a little extra for that fur ball.

Five Potty Training Tips for Your New Puppy

Follow Time Table

With puppies in the house, the first and the most important thing is to maintain schedule. Feeding and providing water at the same time of the day helps you to be well prepared for the potty time. Sticking to the proper timing can support you to have some control over when the puppy has to potty. This allows to take them to the right place and prevents soiling up the house.

Keep Supervision

When you are not training, giving food, or spending some one-to-one quality time, let your puppy be in the crate or puppy pen. When a puppy is left without anybody’s supervision, it is only under trouble. Puppies are quite sensitive, mischievous and like to explore new things. And, leaving them alone may sometimes means potty accidents, which you may have to clean up later.

Proper Potty Place

Take puppy to the designated litter spot outdoors. Don’t change the place now and then. This can greatly confuse a little pup. At every 2 hours, take her to the place and using your command encourage her to do her business. You can pick up any word like “potty” and use it until she does the thing, and praise her when the overall business is done. Slowly, she will associate with that word and relieve herself outside when the command given.

Don’t Scold for Mistakes

Has your puppy an accident in the house – it does happen sometimes. Don’t shout or yell or neither rub her nose in it. She’s still a baby and yet has to learn many things. She is growing, slowly learning, and only knows what you have taught her. At times, mistakes do happen. It can be your mistake also.

Furthermore, also check her health whether she is suffering from diarrhea or any other health issue. This usually leads to potty accidents. If the condition is worst, take your pooch to the vet.

Be Prepared

When such accidents happen keep cool and, be prepared. First, take your pup away from the place and get on the cleaning mission. Use cleaning up towels or tissues to remove the mess. Use some dry detergent followed with wet cloth to clean it up. After this not-so-wanted procedure, use Urine Off for cats on the spot. Leave it for some time and then remove it. It helps to completely remove the bad odor, absorbs any of the remaining urine or mess and leaves refreshing aroma.

Well, these tips can help you potty train your pup quite perfectly. Have we missed any tips? If you have any up your sleeves, do share, we would be happy to hear.

Source by Taya Burnett

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