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Getting a new dog is a fun and exciting time, but there’s always one part I struggle with — coming up with the perfect name. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s hard coming up with a bunch of name ideas on demand; and finding the one that sticks? Well that’s even tougher.

You want a name that sounds good, fits their personality, and one that the whole family can agree on. And since finding names that fit those criteria can be pretty tough I’ve put together a list of 500 popular female dog names to help get you started.

That’s my strategy when it comes to picking names — read through a bunch of dog or baby name lists and start writing down the ones you like. And then before you know it you’ve got a list of 5-10 potential names and you can move onto part two — picking one that the whole family can agree on.

So if you’re looking for a name for your female dog and don’t know where to begin you’ve come to the right place. Whether your preference is traditional, contemporary or unique this list has something for everyone. From classic dog names like Lassie to trendy names such as Bella, here’s 500 female dog names.

500 Female Dog Names

Abby Ada
Addie Adelaide
Adeline Adelyn
Adriana Agatha
Agnes Alexia
Alexis Alice
Allie Alyssa
Amari Amber
Amelia Amelie
Amina Angel
Angelica Angie
Annabell Annie
Anya Ariel
Ashley Asia
Aspen Athena
Aubrey Autumn
Ava Avery
Baby Bailey
Bambi Basil
Bea Bean
Bella Bertha
Bessie Betsy
Betty Bianca
Billie Bindi
Birdie Biscuit
Blair Blakely
Blanche Blondie
Blossom Bonnie
Brandy Brielle
Brooklyn Brownie
Brynn Buffy
Cadence Callie
Cameron Camilia
Camille Candy
Carla Carly
Carmela Carmen
Carolina Carolyn
Casey Cassie
Cecelia Chance
Chanel Charlie
Charlotte Cher
Cherry Cheyenne
Chica Chloe
Cinnamon Clara
Clarissa Clementine
Cleo Clover
Coco Cookie
Cora Coraline
Courtney Cricket
Crystal Daisy
Dakota Dallas
Dana Daphne
Darla Darlene
Delia Delilah
Demi Destiny
Diamond Diva
Dixie Dolly
Dolores Dora
Dorothy Dory
Dot Dottie
Duchess Eden
Edie Edith
Effie Electra
Elena Eliza
Ella Ellie
Eloise Elsa
Elsie Ember
Emery Emma
Emmy Enid
Erin Esmerelda
Estelle Esther
Etta Eudora
Eva Evelyn
Evie Faith
Fancy Fannie
Fantasia Faye
Felecity Fern
Fifi Fiona
Flo Foxy
Frances Frida
Gabby Gemma
Genesis Geneva
Georgia Geraldine
Gia Gidget
Gigi Ginger
Giselle Gloria
Goldie Grace
Greta Gretchen
Gwen Gypsy
Hadley Haley
Halle Hallie
Hannah Harley
Harlow Harper
Harriet Hattie
Haven Hazel
Heidi Henley
Hershey Holly
Honey Hope
Ibby Ida
Imani Indigo
Inez Ingrid
Irene Iris
Isabella Isla
Ivory Ivy
Izzy Jackie
Jada Jade
Jamie Jane
Janelle Jasmine
Jenna Jersey
Jessie Jewel
Joan Jolene
Jordan Josie
Journey Joy
Juliet June
Juno Justice
Kali Kallie
Kamila Karina
Karla Karma
Kate Kay
Kayla Kelly
Kelsey Kendall
Kennedy Kenya
Kiara Kiki
Kimmie Kinley
Kinsley Kira
Kiwi Koko
Kona Lacy
Lady Laika
Laney Lassie
Layla Leia
Lena Leona
Leslie Lexy
Liana Libby
Liberty Lila
Lily Liv
Lizzy Lois
Lola London
Lorelai Loretta
Lorraine Louise
Lovely Lucia
Lucille Lucinda
Lucky Lucy
Lula Lulu
Luna Lydia
Lyla Lyric
Mabel Mackenzie
Macy Maddie
Madeline Madison
Mae Maeve
Maggie Maisie
Makayla Malia
Mallory Mandy
Mango Maple
Mara Margaret
Margot Marianna
Marilyn Mary
Matilda Maude
Maya Mazie
Mckenna Megan
Melina Melody
Mia Mika
Mila Miley
Millie Mimi
Minnie Miranda
Miriam Missy
Mitzi Mocha
Molly Morgan
Moxie Muffin
Mya Myra
Nadia Nala
Nanette Naomi
Nell Nellie
Nettie Nia
Nikita Nikki
Nina Noel
Nola Nora
Nori Norma
Nova Odessa
Olive Olivia
Opal Oreo
Paige Paisley
Pandora Paris
Parker Patsy
Payton Peach
Peaches Peanut
Pearl Pebbles
Peggy Penelope
Penny Pepper
Perdia Phoenix
Phoebe Piper
Pippa Pippy
Pixie Polly
Poppy Portia
Precious Princess
Priscilla Pumpkin
Queen Quinn
Raven Reese
Regina Remy
Riley Rio
Rita River
Rosalie Rose
Rosemary Rosie
Rowan Roxy
Ruby Ruth
Ruthie Rylie
Sadie Sage
Sally Sam
Sammie Sandy
Sasha Sassy
Savannah Sawyer
Scarlet Scout
Selena Selma
Serena Serenity
Shadow Sheba
Shelby Shiloh
Shirley Sienna
Sierra Silvia
Sissy Siti
Skye Skylar
Smokey Snickers
Snookie Snowball
Sookie Sophia
Star Starla
Stella Storm
Sue Sugar
Suki Summer
Sunny Susannah
Susie Sweetie
Sydney Sylvia
Tabitha Talia
Taylor Tessa
Thea Theo
Tiana Tilly
Tootsie Trixie
Trudy Twinkie
Ursula Valentine
Valeria Velma
Venus Vera
Victoria Viola
Violet Virginia
Vivi Vivienne
Vixen Whitney
Wiggles Willa
Willow Winifred
Winnie Winter
Wren Xena
Yasmin Yvonne
Zara Zelda
Zia Zoe
Zola Zuri

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What Are Your Favorite Female Dog Names?

Do you have any favorite female dog names? Do you prefer traditional, old fashioned or unique names? Have you ever struggled with finding a name that the whole family agrees on, or is that just me? I can’t even tell you how many times my name ideas have been vetoed…

Perhaps given my own dog’s name it’s no surprise that Laika is one of my favorites; and it’s a tribute to the little stray dog who became the first animal or orbit earth back in 1957. It’s short, it has a nice sound to it, and I love that it has a special meaning. And since my boyfriend is interested in all things space it got an automatic pass 🙂

500 Female Dog Names

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Getting a new dog is a fun and exciting time, but there's one thing I always struggle with -- coming up with the perfect name. If you're looking for names for girl dogs you've come to the right place. From classic dog names such as Lassie to trendy names like Bella, here's 500 female dog names.

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