500 Popular Male Dog Names

Looking for name ideas for your boy dog? Not sure whether you want to go with a classic, unique or trendy name? Having trouble coming up with a name the whole family agrees on?

If so you’re not alone; the process of choosing a dog name can feel a bit overwhelming. My trick? I check out name lists for inspiration and then start narrowing down my options. I write down the names I like and then move onto the hard part — finding one the whole family agrees on.

Now I can’t help you when it comes to predicting what names your family will agree on, but I can help you come up with plenty of ideas. This list has a wide variety of boy dog names to choose from, and it’ll help get you started on the naming process. From classic dog names like Fido to trendy ones such as Loki, here’s 500 popular male dog names.

500 Popular Male Dog Names

Abbott Abe
Ace Achilles
Aero Aiden
AJ Albert
Alden Alex
Alexander Alfie
Alford Ali
Alistar Alvin
Amos Andre
Andy Angus
Apollo Archie
Aries Arnold
Arthur Artie
Ash Ashby
Atlas Augustus
Austin Axel
Bailey Bandit
Barkley Barney
Baron Barry
Barton Basil
Baxter Beans
Bear Beau
Benji Bennett
Benny Benson
Bentley Bernard
Bertrand Beta
Billy Bingo
Blake Blaze
Blue Bo
Boomer Bowie
Bradford Bradley
Brady Braxton
Brigham Brock
Broderick Brody
Brogan Bronson
Brownie Bruce
Bruno Brutus
Bryce Bubba
Buck Bucky
Buddy Buster
Butch Buzz
Byron Cadence
Caesar Cain
Calvin Captain
Carlton Carter
Cash Casper
Cecil Cedric
Champ Chance
Charlie Chase
Chester Chewy
Chico Chief
Chip Chips
Cisco CJ
Clarence Clark
Clement Clifford
Clyde Coco
Cody Colby
Coleman Colin
Conrad Cooper
Corky Cornelius
Cosmo Crawford
Damien Dane
Daniel Dante
Darby Darius
Davis Davy
Denver Dexter
Diego Diesel
Dixon Doc
Dodge Domingo
Donnie Donovan
Drew Dudley
Duffy Duke
Dusty Dylan
Earl Easton
Eddie Edgar
Edison Edmund
Edward Edwin
Eldon Eli
Eliot Elmer
Elvis Elway
Emerson Emmett
Emory Ernest
Eugene Evan
Evander Everett
Ezra Fabio
Fang Farley
Felix Felton
Fenton Fido
Finley Finn
Fisher Flash
Fletcher Floyd
Fonzi Forrest
Foster Francis
Frank Frankie
Franklin Freddy
Frederick Freeman
Fritz Gage
George Gerald
Ghost Gilbert
Gizmo Goose
Gordy Grady
Graham Griffin
Grover Gunner
Gus Hamilton
Hank Harley
Harold Harrison
Harry Hart
Harvey Hawkeye
Hayes Heath
Hector Henry
Herbert Herman
Hilton Hogan
Homer Hooch
Hoover Hoss
Huck Hudson
Hugh Hunter
Hyatt Iggy
Igor Ike
Indy Ira
Irving Ivan
Ives Jack
Jackson Jacob
Jag Jake
James Jameson
Jasper Java
Jax Jefferson
Jerry Jesse
Jet Jethro
Joey John
Johnny Jonas
Joseph Judge
Junior Kane
Kendrick Kent
Kilo King
Kobe Koda
Kona Lambert
Lance Lane
Langston Lars
Lawrence Lemuel
Lenny Leo
Leonard Leroy
Levi Lewis
Liam Lincoln
Linus Logan
Loki Louie
Lucky Luigi
Luke Luther
Mac Maguire
Major Malcolm
Marco Mario
Marley Martin
Marty Mason
Maverick Max
Maximillian Maximus
Maxwell Mccoy
McKinley Mercer
Meyer Michael
Mickey Milburn
Miles Miller
Milo Milton
Moe Mojo
Monroe Moose
Morris Mort
Morton Murphy
Murray Nacho
Napoleon Nash
Ned Nelson
Nero Newton
Nico Niles
Noah Norm
Norman Norris
Oakley Odie
Odin Oliver
Ollie Oreo
Orson Oscar
Otis Otto
Overton Owen
Ozzy Pablo
Paco Parker
Parley Patch
Peanut Pepper
Percival Percy
Petey Phillip
Pierce Piper
Pogo Pongo
Porter Prince
Quincy Quinton
Radar Ralph
Rambo Randall
Ranger Rascal
Raymond Rebel
Reed Reese
Reggie Remy
Reuben Rex
Richard Ricky
Rider Riley
Ringo Ripley
Robert Rocco
Rockwell Rocky
Romeo Roscoe
Roy Rudolph
Rudy Rufus
Rupert Russell
Rusty Sam
Sammy Samson
Sarge Saul
Sawyer Scooby
Scooter Scout
Scrappy Sebastian
Sedrick Shadow
Shamus Sheldon
Shelton Sherman
Sherwood Shiloh
Sigmund Silas
Simba Simon
Skip Smokey
Snoopy Socks
Sparky Spencer
Spike Spot
Stanley Stewie
Stitch Storm
Stuart Summer
Sylvan Taco
Tank Taylor
Taz Teddy
Tesla Thaddeus
Theo Theodore
Thor Thornton
Tiller Titus
TJ Tobias
Toby Todd
Tot Toto
Trapper Tripp
Tristan Truman
Tucker Tyler
Tyson Ulysses
Vaughn Vernon
Victor Vince
Vincent Vinnie
Virgil Wade
Wallace Wally
Walter Warren
Watson Wesley
Wheeler Wilbur
William Wilson
Winston Woody
Wyatt Wylie
Yogi Yoshi
Yukon Zane
Zeus Ziggy

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Looking for name ideas for your new boy dog? Whether you prefer classic, trendy or unique dog names we've got you covered. This list has a wide variety of boy dog names to choose from, and it'll help get you started with the naming process. Here's 500 popular male dog names.

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