6 Tips For A Successful “Take Your Dog To Work Day”

Take Your Dog To Work Day, dog training

“Take Your Dog to Work Day” is June 22!!

Since the concept was launched in 1999, “Take Your Dog To Work Day” has become a huge success celebrated by many companies.

After all, what business wouldn’t benefit from a little furry face and some unconditional love?

Pet Sitters International coined the term and came up with the idea as a way to help homeless animals find permanent and loving homes. Witnessing the bond between owners and their dogs can help convince non-dog owners that they need a furry companion in their life.

So, first off, you should ask your boss if you and your coworkers can get involved in “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”  Hopefully, no one at your work is allergic!

Next, you must make sure that your best friend is prepared!

1. Make an Appointment With Your Vet

Your dog should be vaccinated and evaluated to ensure he is healthy for a full shift at your work.

Dogs with allergies, infections, or arthritis should be medically cleared before TYDTWD.

2. Trim Your Dog’s Nails

On the off chance that your dog jumps on someone, his nails should be short and dremeled or filed smooth.

Your dog definitely shouldn’t be jumping! Especially if you want to be a part of TYDTWD next year! 😉

3. Work on Your Dog’s Manners

Only really well-behaved, and social, dogs should be involved in TYDTWD.

Take Your Dog To Work Day, dog trainingBut even really well-behaved dogs may need to spruce up their obedience a little, before the big day!

I suggest before the big day that you work with and train your dog five times a day for 5-20 minutes a session.

Let’s face it; you want your dog to be a rock star!

So, you may need to brush up on his obedience.

Get him back into the habit of listening to you, so when you need him to listen while you are at work he will be used to listening.

4. Work on “Place”

Work on the “place” command so you can tell your dog where to go and lay down while he is at work.

By bringing his bed, a blanket, or even a towel or washcloth, he will know he has a safe place to lay down and where it is in your office.

One of the major things we taught our Service Dogs was where to lay at work and how to do “long down stays.”

A dog that happily lays down on his bed for a few hours will be a lot easier to coexist with than a dog that can’t sit still.

Consider bringing your dog’s crate.

5. Puppy Proof Your Office

Be sure to puppy proof your office, before bringing your dog to work.

I like to have people get on their hands and knees and look around from your dog’s perspective.

Tuck in wires, hide cords and put up anything that could be dangerous for your dog.

6. The Big Day

Get up a little early.

Pack your dog some toys and some treats for the workday.

Spend some time exercising your dog before it is time to go to work.

A tired dog will be much happier and much more pleasant to spend time with while you are at work! 🙂

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