Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

In step with its advocates, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is likely one of the least dear, maximum flexible, and best dog well being aids. 

Implemented topically it’s a well-liked remedy for:

  • Itchy, flaking pores and skin and boring coats
  • Flea infestations
  • Sore muscle mass
  • Ear infections
  • “Pup” pores and skin and coat odors

Taken internally, apple cider vinegar is claimed to:

  • Toughen digestion
  • Lend a hand save you urinary tract infections
  • Battle yeast infections
  • Relieve arthritis signs
  • Extract medicinal homes from vegetation when used to make alcohol-free natural tinctures


All vinegars are produced from liquid containing sugar, and cider vinegar starts as a mix of water and apples or apple pectin, a soluble fiber. When uncovered to air, which permits yeasts to develop, the herbal sugars in apples ferment and change into alcohol. As fermentation continues, acetic acid micro organism flip the alcohol into acetic acid, which is vinegar’s major element. Acetic acid offers vinegar its unique style, scent, and homes. 

As a result of vinegar’s culinary makes use of, maximum groceries raise a wide range, equivalent to balsamic (a thick, intensely flavored grape vinegar), white or purple wine vinegar, and vinegars produced from malt, rice, champagne, sherry, beer, and more than a few end result. 

Distilled white vinegar is extensively bought within the U.S. Made out of grains, it has a pointy, distinct taste and perfume, and it’s fashionable as a family cleansing agent and an component in salad dressings, pickles, catsup, and fish fry sauces.

Against this, apple cider vinegar is ceaselessly bought as a uncooked (unpasteurized) product containing the vinegar’s “mom,” a cloudy substance containing unfiltered acetic acid micro organism. Unpasteurized, unfiltered vinegar is most well-liked via those that imagine vinegar a well being complement.


Reviews in regards to the well being advantages of cider vinegar are anecdotal as a result of no medical trials checking out cider vinegar’s impact on canines had been revealed within the clinical literature. This doesn’t imply that says about its makes use of had been disproven; they only haven’t been examined, most commonly as a result of apple cider vinegar is reasonably priced, extensively to be had, and can’t be patented. 

One of the vital claims are exaggerations. As an example, cider vinegar is ceaselessly referred to as a dietary powerhouse, filled with nutrients and minerals, however that is misguided. In step with the U.S. Division of Agriculture, uncooked cider vinegar accommodates 11 milligrams (mg) potassium according to tablespoon, however this is its handiest vital nutrient. 

Apple cider vinegar received’t remedy your canine’s most cancers, and whilst it would assist save you urinary tract infections, it isn’t a remedy for that situation. 

Apple cider vinegar is typically administered to canines:

  • Diluted (equivalent to 1 section apple cider vinegar diluted in Three to five or extra portions water or any other liquid),
  • One-to-one or 50-50 (equivalent portions of apple cider vinegar and water or liquid), or
  • Complete-strength (undiluted) in moderation carried out with a cotton ball, sponge, or dropper.

Apple cider vinegar can be utilized as a gentle cleaner and disinfectant within the following tactics: 

  • Dilute cider vinegar 50-50 with water and practice with a sprayer or sponge in an instant after bathing to take away leftover cleaning soap residue, alleviate dandruff and itchy pores and skin, situation hair, and repel fleas. To assist save you dander, rub diluted cider vinegar into the canine’s pores and skin simply sooner than bathing and wash it off. 
  • A 50-50 cider vinegar soak or rinse can soothe itchy ft, and it may be massaged into muscle mass strained via overactivity.
  • To make a easy ear cleaner that is helping regulate yeast and fungus (don’t practice to infected or damaged pores and skin), combine 2 tablespoons cider vinegar with 1 cup heat water. 
  • Diluted or full-strength cider vinegar may also be sprayed as a deodorizer on canine toys and bedding. Added to laundry rinse water, it acts as a gradual disinfectant.

To assist enhance your canine’s coat, digestion, or general situation:

  • Upload cider vinegar in your canine’s water bowl, beginning with a small quantity, equivalent to 1 tablespoon cider vinegar in a big bowl of water. Depart a bowl of simple water within reach as a backup if your canine doesn’t just like the style. Canines who’re used to cider vinegar simply regulate to different water assets when vinegar is added to water whilst touring. 
  • Cider vinegar can assist digestion via expanding abdomen acid ranges, which would possibly enhance nutrient absorption. Get started via including small quantities to meals or water and steadily building up to roughly 1 teaspoon according to 15 kilos of frame weight (about 1 tablespoon according to 50 kilos). 
  • Some customers file that natural unpasteurized, unfiltered cider vinegar added to meals and water has helped relieve their canines’ arthritis signs.
  • When including cider vinegar to meals or water, get started with small quantities and, in case your canine tolerates the style, building up steadily. If the situation you hope to enhance doesn’t alternate inside 30 days, discontinue remedy. 
apple cider vinegar rinse after dog bath
Upload apple cider vinegar to the rinse water after bathing your canine to assist regulate yeast or fugal infections, equivalent to those who give a contribution to itchy paws. Photograph Credit: Serezniy /
  • A bathing resolution of one section vinegar in Three portions water has been proven to take away 98% of micro organism, out-performing antibacterial cleaning soap. Use the answer and a scrub brush on greens that will likely be integrated in a canine’s uncooked, home-prepared nutrition, and rinse in blank water. 
  • For a aromatic coat conditioner, loosely fill a pitcher jar part complete with dried rose petals or lavender blossoms, duvet with cider vinegar, and let stand for a month or extra. Pressure, then flippantly spray onto rainy hair after bathing.


Maximum natural tinctures are alcohol-based, however cider vinegar is a most well-liked solvent for tinctures for canines. In her e book Natural Recipes for Colourful Well being (Storey Publishing, 2008), herbalist and dog-lover Rosemary Gladstar recommends putting chopped recent or dried herbs in a pitcher jar (if the usage of dried herbs, fill the jar handiest midway to permit for growth), then gently warmth uncooked natural cider vinegar, duvet the herbs with heat (now not sizzling) vinegar, depart a 2- to 3-inch margin, shut the lid, and let the herbs soak for 4 to 6 weeks. Shake the jar day-to-day. Pressure and retailer the tincture in darkish cobalt or amber glass bottles, label, and avoid warmth and light. 

Along with herbs indexed in her books and in dog natural references, Gladstar recommends a garlic/dandelion vinegar tincture as a normal tonic and to assist canines repel parasites. Use recent or dried dandelion leaves, roots, and blossoms with an roughly equivalent quantity of garlic and observe the directions above. 

Upload tinctures in your canine’s meals in small quantities, steadily expanding to at least one/four teaspoon according to 20 kilos of frame weight according to day. 


As a result of its acidity, cider vinegar must be diluted for many dog makes use of. Keep away from the eyes, mucous membranes, and open cuts or abrasions as vinegar will sting if carried out to damaged pores and skin.

Vinegar must now not be used the place it will stain or injury wooden flooring, cupboards, or granite counter tops. Cider vinegar is orange-brown in colour, so its topical software isn’t beneficial for canines with white or gentle coats or to be used the place it might stain white or gentle coloured carpets or materials. 

Prior to making use of diluted cider vinegar to a skin-sensitive canine, check a small space of naked pores and skin with the answer and take a look at 24 hours later for any signal of inflammation, itching, or scratching. In case your canine doesn’t have an hostile response, use average quantities equivalent to the ones described right here. Feeding an excessive amount of cider vinegar can resulted in vomiting, injury to dental teeth, and mouth inflammation. 

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