Are There Cues Your Dog Doesn’t Like?

I used to be instructing a “teen dog” class final evening, and we have been
engaged on the “stay” habits. In the coaching heart the place I train, we
instruct the scholars on the “four Ds” of keep – distance, period,
distraction, and disappearance (the final one, very superior, when the handlers
can go away the room and their canines will “hold” the keep). We train that while you
enhance the issue of one of many “Ds,” it is best to lower the others –
so, within the high-distraction surroundings of the coaching heart, with eight canines
within the class, to assist your canine succeed, it is best to scale back the space and
period of the keep you ask of your canine. So far, so good.

As the handlers and their canines practiced, I observed one canine
doing precisely what my youthful canine, Woody, does after we work on the keep
habits. Every time this canine’s handler gave the hand sign and verbal cue for
“stay,” his canine turned her head away, jumped to her ft, and seemed round for
one thing else to do. Clearly, there’s something concerning the keep habits that
she discovered both aversive or maybe simply far much less rewarding than the opposite
behaviors we practiced in school.

Woody Doesn’t Like the Stay Cue

In Woody’s case, he loves doing all of the “action” form of behaviors I might ask him for: sit, down, stand, again up, spin, undergo my legs. And he enjoys the attention contact that we normally share whereas we’re engaged on these behaviors. But, simply because the canine in school final evening, usually, after I cue him for “stay,” his head will instantly swivel and he’ll look away, like, “Did I just hear the doorbell? Maybe I should go check!”

Unhappy face when advised “down stay”

As an lively canine, I feel Woody finds the keep habits
extraordinarily boring – and what’s extra, it’s tougher for him to do than the
way more enjoyable, lively, exuberant behaviors. Not troublesome bodily – troublesome
mentally. To counter this, and preserve
strong stays, I actually need to extend the standard and amount of the rewards
he will get for good stays, preserve the size of the behaviors extraordinarily
unpredictable (if they’re all lengthy, no reward is sweet sufficient to make it value
his whereas!), and never over-practice. This is certainly one of his behaviors that will get worse with extra follow, not higher,
since he finds it to be extraordinarily not

Resist the Urge to Over-Practice!

It’s human to need to preserve training the habits your canine
will not be superb at – particularly when she’s actually good at virtually each different
habits you ask for! But resist that urge! – except you’ll find a option to
change the way you ask for or follow the habits, in order that your canine really
loves to listen to your cue for that individual habits. Woody loves to return discover
me after I disguise, so I assume I’ll begin cueing him to “stay” earlier than I launch
him to search out me (with a whistle, from my hidden location). I hope that can
enhance his curiosity in and need to “play” the “stay” recreation.

Are there any behaviors that your canine hates being requested to
do? How are you able to inform she or he doesn’t get pleasure from it? How have you ever countered your
canine’s sad response to the cue?

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