House Training Puppies – The Various Methods

There are two widely accepted methods of house training puppies. The first method is paper training; this method is widely used and better known than the alternative. The second method is not as well known, but is accepted as a better alternative, this is called crate training.

Paper training is a method whereby you direct your puppy to use the same spot that you have layered with newspaper. When using this method you would want to ensure that you have papered a large area to begin with. To make cleaning easier you will want to pick an area with no carpet, kitchens and laundry rooms are the usual spots. As the puppy grows you will want to shrink the area covered by the newspaper. This method is not suggested for larger dogs as the mess they create will be larger than a papered area or you could handle.

The second method mentioned here for house training puppies is crate training. This method involves keeping your puppy confined to a crate when there are not people around to supervise it. To save on costs, I suggest you purchase a crate that will accommodate the puppy when it is full grown, barricade off part of the crate and increase the available area as the puppy grows into adulthood. This method works with the puppy’s natural instinct to not eliminate where they sleep.

Both methods of house training puppies are acceptable and each has their own positives and negatives. Crate training requires a lot of attention be given to the puppy and the maintenance of a very strict schedule. Paper training requires less attention but does have the puppy learning to go to the bathroom in the house, if you decide to move to crate training later on, it would be more difficult.

Source by Adrian Van Drunen

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