How To Stop A Dog Thief –

Globally, canine theft has been on the rise for the previous few years.  So for those who assume your canine isn’t in danger… you could need to THINK AGAIN!

Dog theft is devastating to loving pet homeowners.  It can convey your life to a standstill and might trigger devastating despair.

Let us face it, it’s unhappy sufficient to lose a canine to previous age and illness, typically through the troublesome resolution of euthanasia.  Losing your canine to a THIEF… not realizing the place he’s, if he’s protected, if he’s even nonetheless alive? It can be torture.

Unfortunately, actual numbers and statistics of pet and canine theft are laborious to search out.  In most nations, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and even Australia canines are thought of property.  Many occasions, the one viable statistics out there come from those that report these thefts to their insurance coverage corporations.  Think of what number of canine homeowners and pet homeowners don’t ever take into account submitting a declare and you’ll understand how little we actually find out about canine theft world wide.

However, the little info that we do have exhibits us two very scary information.

#1.  Pet and canine theft is a gateway (or first signal) of animal cruelty and/or torture.

#2.  Certain dog breeds are extra in danger to be stolen from their homeowners in sure locations or areas of the world.   French Bulldogs, Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers (assume Spuds Mackenzie), Yorkshire Terriers, Siberian Huskies, Chihuahuas, and even Labradoodles, in addition to purebred Retrievers, make the listing.

Rarely is the sheriff’s workplace referred to as, and even when the sheriff’s workplace or police division is contacted, the act can seldom be confirmed.  Thankfully with the invention of low-cost and simple to make use of residence video techniques, these crimes are being caught on digicam extra typically.

Different states have totally different legal guidelines however most canine theft or pet theft doesn’t qualify as a felony or grand theft within the third diploma.  If the worth of the pet is over 5 hundred to over one thousand {dollars} in some states it could qualify as grand theft versus petty theft (which is usually solely a misdemeanor); making the penalties larger if the person might be or is caught and the case might be confirmed.

Reasons Criminals Steal Dogs

Monetary Reasons

Yes, it’s unhappy however it’s true.  Many occasions, immoral individuals and drug addicts steal issues that can assist them to revenue and or gas their unlawful habits.

How typically have you ever seen “Lost” or “Missing” pet indicators, round your neighborhood, that provide a big sum of money as a reward?

Sadly, particularly in prosperous or rich neighborhoods canines and different pets can turn out to be targets as a method to make fast cash.

Purebred canines typically might be offered for hundreds of {dollars} and distraught pet and canine homeowners will typically pay greater than what they’re value to get their beloved pet again.

Puppies are much more in danger, as a result of they’re simply “flipped” or resold for revenue.

Stolen canines might be huge enterprise.

Research Institutions

Wicked individuals on the lookout for straightforward cash typically goal pets left exterior, go to animal shelters, animal auctions and take pets provided “free to a good home” and promote them to analysis establishments that provide cash for animals that they’ll conduct analysis on with little or no monetary output.

Although analysis establishments attempt to keep away from stolen canines, particularly on paper, many stolen canines are taken to those locations for revenue.

Bait Dogs

Dogs are sometimes stolen or adopted off Craigslist or from shelters to be offered as “bait dogs” for the unlawful world of dogfighting.

Wretchedly, the world of dogfighting may be very worthwhile and nonetheless exists everywhere in the world.  Don’t imagine me?  Volunteer at your native shelter and you will notice the wounded and scarred Pit Bulls and different preventing breeds are available and be held till their courtroom case works by means of the system.  Most typically these canines are euthanized earlier than even given an opportunity to go up for adoption because of animal aggression points (as you’ll be able to effectively think about).

In the start, with a view to get these preventing breeds to adequately and vigorously struggle each other to the dying they introduce them to a lot weaker canines which can be simply killed; “bait dogs.”  This course of builds their confidence and infrequently makes them extra keen to struggle.

Bait canines might be offered to individuals who revenue from canine fights (sure, there may be huge cash on this underground and unlawful enterprise).  Remember the worldwide consideration quarterback Michael Vick acquired when it was found (whereas investigating one other crime) that his Pit Bull “breeding” kennel “Bad Newz Kennels” was concerned in dogfighting and unlawful playing?  In 2006, only one 12 months earlier than expenses have been filed Michael Vick was the highest-paid NFL participant.

Gambling purses alone went for upwards of $26,000, which is some huge cash.  According to witnesses Vick and his different cohorts have been identified to snigger when their educated preventing Pit Bulls killed pet canines.

Regrettably, the world of dogfighting exists and remains to be huge enterprise and playing in and world wide.

Insurance Fraud

Yes, this additionally exists though most likely to a smaller extent.

When I used to be a younger, younger canine coach, I knew a breeder of Cocker Spaniels.  They occurred to have a really uncommon coloration inside their breed.  Oddly they bragged concerning the coloration and the way that they had taken out pet insurance coverage on the pet.

Oddly sufficient, their pet died all of a sudden and so they used the insurance coverage cash to purchase a $20,000 boat.

And, though that is not often a purpose for canine theft (except a 3rd social gathering is paid), it’s nonetheless one thing that sticks in my thoughts in relation to pet insurance coverage.

As far as I do know, it was by no means confirmed as insurance coverage fraud.  But, to today I’ve my doubts that the dying of the pet was unintentional.

Other Reasons, Beyond Financial Gain

Animal Torture and Abuse

As we’re effectively conscious because of many research in trendy psychology, animal torture, cruelty, and abuse is linked to delinquent habits and extreme and disturbing psychological issues.  Alarmingly, the act of animal torture and cruelty is understood to psychologists as “Intentional Animal Torture and Cruelty” (IATC).  There are many varieties of Intentional Animal Torture and Cruelty together with spiritual sacrifice, inventive sacrifice, psychopathic character issues (zoosadism), or sexual issues.

In the 1970s when habits profiling was in its infancy one of the vital constant findings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was that Intentional Animal Torture and Cruelty was seen as a standard habits, in childhood, of early serial murderers and rapists.

I actually hate to enter this extra, as simply doing the analysis for this text sickens me; however let me guarantee you that this type of habits nonetheless exists within the human or inhumane world of people and neighborhood pets are sometimes used as a probable supply as a result of they’re simply out there.

Stealing To Get The Dog You Can’t Buy (Or Afford)

Yes, it appears ridiculous; however some individuals steal pets or particularly purebred canines as a result of they can not afford to purchase the canine that they need.

You can search the Internet and discover movies of typically ladies sticking pure breed puppies of their purse or shirt and strolling out of pet retailers and pet shops.  These puppies are sometimes upwards of $1,000.

Sometimes the thieves assume that they’re giving the stolen canine a greater life.  And, actually typically stolen canines get simply that.

I’m embarrassed to confess that I’ve identified individuals who have stolen canines.  These canines have been typically chained exterior day in and day trip; typically they have been left with no shelter and no meals or water.  I can consider one I used to drive by daily after I lived in GA.  I watched him develop from a pet into an grownup.  He had barely a shelter and animal management wouldn’t do something about his circumstances.  Never did he get to go inside; EVER.  Someone within the animal neighborhood took him to provide him a brand new lease on life whereas he was nonetheless a 12 months or so previous.

I’ve typically seen a Pit Bull that’s my greatest buddy’s neighbor’s canine.  He additionally is rarely invited inside and sits exterior regardless of how chilly or wet it’s in our local weather.  I want I may steal him and provides him a greater life.  A life the place he can even have a “pack” and a loving human and the meals and shelter and heat mattress that he wishes.

Pet theft and canine theft is available in many kinds.

Although all are unlawful.  You choose what falls within the parameters of morally acceptable and what’s not.

At least canines thieved to be private pets usually tend to have a greater likelihood at life than different canines or companion animals which can be stolen.

The reality is, good pet homeowners by no means need their canine to be on that listing of stolen canines that the police or insurance coverage firm has to research!

So allow us to speak about learn how to preserve our canines protected!

Protect Your Dog from Dog Theft

Secure Your Area

The very first thing to bear in mind is to safe your space.  Make certain that you’ve got locks to lock your fence.  Wooden fences present extra safety and preserve neighbors and passers-by from having the ability to see your canines.

Wooden fences additionally preserve canines from being reactive and overexcited as a result of they restrict what they’ll visually see.

Keep An Eye on Him

Don’t put your canine exterior for hours on finish, even when he likes to go exterior make sure that you keep watch over him.

Every 20 minutes or so test on him and be sure that he’s nonetheless in your yard and safely secured.

No Signs

Although many individuals imagine that they need to get indicators that announce their canine’s presence of their residence or of their yard; these indicators may very well do extra hurt than good.

“Dog on Premises”  or “Warning Guard Dog” indicators merely alert would-be thieves to the truth that you personal a canine!

If you need to preserve somebody from breaking into your property, I counsel that you simply use a safety system signal or an alert to video surveillance.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Outside While You Are Gone

Dogs left exterior for hours at a time and particularly canines left exterior whereas their homeowners are gone make good targets.

These are the canines that always bark (which alerts the neighbors to them being alone and may also irritate neighbors).  Dogs left exterior persistently make straightforward marks for would-be thieves who could also be “casing” or anticipating canines that might be straightforward to steal.

Leave your canine secured inside if you are gone to maintain him protected.

Tools If The Unthinkable Happens


Microchips are straightforward and can preserve shelters are analysis corporations from accepting a stolen canine or cat.  Nowadays, microchip readers are additionally common in order that homeowners might be tracked down it doesn’t matter what microchip firm the pet proprietor chooses.

Your veterinary hospital might be blissful to microchip your pet.

But, please, please, please register the microchip and preserve it updated while you transfer.  There are hundreds of microchips that go unregistered and an unregistered microchip is pretty much as good as not having one in any respect!


There are some locations that may even tattoo your pet.  Many present canines aren’t solely microchipped however moreover tattooed with their proprietor’s social safety quantity in order that the proprietor can simply be tracked down.

Tips for tattooing is NOT to tattoo the ear of the canine.  As sick because it sounds, ears might be minimize off and canines can nonetheless be turned in for cash or monetary achieve.

Those who tattoo their canines often use their social safety quantity and have the tattoo placed on the thigh of the canine the place it is going to be simply seen and recognized on examination.

GPS Collar

GPS collars may also provide you with info in case your pet goes lacking.  You can observe down the time the canine was taken and if the would-be thief just isn’t astute he won’t understand that the collar has a GPS locator.

Video Surveillance

Thanks to trendy know-how and the flexibility to mass-produce know-how for the lots digicam techniques just like the “Ring” are sometimes now used each exterior the house and inside the house to maintain theft at bay.

As with any crime, be sure that your canine’s yard and his area can be underneath surveillance.

Criminals keep away from video surveillance just like the plague and sentencing and proof is way simpler when you have the crime caught on movie.

It is all the time greatest when your property and your tools can assist you keep away from having crime or getting the police concerned.

Neighborhood Watch

A neighborhood with an excellent and lively neighborhood watch will preserve many criminals at bay.

There are additionally plenty of pets alliance teams that you could look into in your space.  These teams will assist preserve the one you love pets protected and of their residence.

Help Change Laws

Many individuals are afraid of the federal government taking away their rights and turning into concerned in our lives.  I for one, agree. However, I wish to see legal guidelines change, and fortunately they’re slowly altering.  Pets and animals are slowly evolving from “property” into sentient animals.  A sentient animal is an animal that’s able to being that has pursuits and is conscious of its surroundings.  It feels starvation, warmth, chilly, and has wishes and desires.  It is an animal that’s able to emotions.  Pets aren’t inanimate objects or property.  Pets have emotions and shouldn’t be abused or tortured any greater than people ought to endure the identical destiny.

Pets aren’t property, they’re far more essential than any motorcar that may simply get replaced.  Property might be disposed of and abused at will.  Police ought to be concerned with animal cruelty and abuse as a result of this can be a predictive crime.

We want legal guidelines that preserve our pets protected from abuse, if not only for the animal’s security but in addition to determine human sociopaths and predators.

The legislation ought to swiftly take care of animal abuse and neglect with a stern hand.  Empathy and kindness ought to be our aim when coping with sentient animals.  After all, they’ve emotions too.

Support laws that offers our companion animals and different animals rights to be handled humanely.

Looking to become involved contact your native kennel membership.  Kennel golf equipment typically find out about what’s going on of their space and might put you involved with nice individuals.  Rescue teams can be a wealth of knowledge.

Be Careful What Non-profit You Support

Not all not for-profit or 501(c)(3) organizations are created equally.  Not all animal welfare organizations and even humane society teams do what they are saying.

Some of those animal nonprofits are extra like cults.

I bear in mind after I was 18 and one very well-known animal rights group was strongly against exhibiting canines in conformation.  At the time I used to be concerned within the conformation world with my male Rottweiler.  My intent was by no means to breed him, however to point out the world his magnificence and excellent bodily conformation.  This mentioned animal rights group was going to prestigious conformation occasions and poisoning canines… as a result of they felt that the canines lived abusive or unhappy lives.

I can say wholeheartedly, that some do.  Some of those canines aren’t far more than livestock being paraded round to win trophies in order that their homeowners can cost more cash for puppies.  But, most of the canines have been like mine; well-loved household pets that wen residence and lived blissful and affluent lives.  I for one have NEVER bred one among my canines it doesn’t matter what title they’ve received.  I enter into the canine present world solely to compete alongside the very best with my blissful pets.

Do your analysis!  If you’re going to help an animal rights group financially or in any other case just remember to know the ins and outs of their ethics.

I’m not one for placing anybody on blast however PETA is understood for his or her extremist views and the killing of animals.

The reality is that canine theft is a giant downside all through the world.  But there are easy steps that you could take to teach your self concerning the act itself and why it’s worthwhile after which methods that you could preserve your canine from turning into a statistic!

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