How To Stop Your Dog From Barking At The Neighbor’s Dog

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“Fence fighting” is a difficult behavior to change!

Why? Because it is FUN for all of the dogs involved to bark at each other at the fence.

Running back and forth, barking, spitting, snarling and working yourself up is serious fun for the dogs!

So, breaking this habit and stopping your dog from barking is either going to cost you some money, some time, or both!

The Easy But Expensive Option

Often fixing the fence, or adding a new fence, will inhibit this behavior.

Many times, dogs begin this behavior because there is a break in the fence, or they can see each other easily.

By putting up a boundary, or a new fence where the dogs can’t see each other, this can extinguish the behavior.

Invisible Fencing

Invisible fencing can also be an almost immediate fix.

Put the invisible fence wire a few feet inside the fence where the dog is running and “fence fighting.”

Again, getting close is usually what drives the dog to play this game. If the dog not only can’t get too close to the other dog, and is also being shocked if he gets too close, it can impair his desire to continue to play this game.

If you are not willing or able to do either of these things, then you are left with the time commitment of TRAINING.


Training your dog is also essential.

How does your dog know that something that is so much fun and builds on itself is something that you don’t want?

I mean, chances are that you have been yelling and screaming at him… but is he listening to you?

Is he too excited to even hear you? Chances are, YES.

And, it is interesting to note that aggression can be a self-rewarding behavior, which means it is not likely to go away on its own.

Your dog feels good when his adrenaline gets pumping, and he is showing outright aggressive displays.

So, you must up your training commitment and consistency to combat this bad behavior.

Use a Leash!

You have no control over your dog if he is not on a leash!

how to stop your dog from barking at the neighbor's dog, stop dog barking, dog trainingAnd, you certainly can’t compete with the “fun” of “fence fighting.”

So, don’t add more drama to the situation.

For a while, you are going to have to take him out on a leash EVERY TIME!

Yes, every time!

You must begin the habit of preventing the behavior.

And, bad habits are hard enough to break. You don’t need the added problem of the dog feeding his addiction by getting away with a session of “fence fighting.”

Alternate Behavior

Once you get used to walking your dog on a leash in the yard, you must give him something else to do.

Instead of barking and fence fighting, I want you to: lay down, or come to the door and ask to come inside.

It doesn’t matter what behavior you ask, but give him a healthy skill that can become a coping mechanism.

This will teach him that he can function during the distraction of the neighbor dog barking, and it gives him something positive to focus on while he is distracted.

All of these things will help you and your dog work through “fence fighting” and stop your dog from barking at your fence once and for all!

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