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Iams dog food stands out on the pet store shelf with its
bright and colorful packaging and incredible prices. You won’t find many dog
food brands that sell all-natural dog food for 30 bucks, most of the brands
that are known for being 100% natural and by-product free don’t go for less
than $60. Not many dog food brands can provide the same kind of nutrition and a great reputation for a price that isn’t
breaking the bank. It’s clear that the Iams
company has its priorities more sorted
out than other companies.

They understand that pet parents want to be able to give
their pet the best and healthiest option of food that they can get, but they also don’t want to spend hundreds of
dollars a month just to keep their dog
healthy. When dog food is made reasonably cheap, more people can adopt pets who need homes. Not everyone can
afford to support a pet, but Iams makes
it available to more people.

There are many reasons why you should go with Iams dog food; one of the reasons is that Iams is one of the
few dog food brands that offer a line of breed-specific dog foods. This can be hard to find because for a company to offer breed-specific made formulas, they have to add a significant number
of new foods to their brand.

More food options mean
more extensive research and testing beforehand;
it’s not a simple process. The reason they go through the trouble to
make dog food for certain breeds is that some
types of dogs have breed-specific health issues and problems, they need more of
the necessary vitamins and nutrients to live comfortably.

Iams has dry dog food formulas for these breeds:

All of the breed-specific dog foods by Iams come in the
adult size of dry dog food. Unfortunately, Iams doesn’t make a puppy version of
the breed-specific dog foods, only adult. Generally, most puppies all need the
same balanced diet of nutrients because their main concern is simply to grow into a healthy adult dog.

Some of the foods for smaller breeds like for Yorkshire
terriers, chihuahuas and dachshunds come in smaller sizes of bags, 3.3 lbs. or 7 lbs.
The bigger breed dog foods come in 15 lb. or 30 lb. bags, since they tend to eat more. These options are great for dogs
who are picky with their food.

Healthy Naturals Formula

Iams has an all-natural formula of dry dog food called
Healthy Naturals. It’s a great option for
dogs who are food sensitive or have allergies and for pet parents who want
something organic but also affordable. The 13.8-pound
bag of Healthy
costs just $35.69, which is much less pricey than other
all-natural dog foods made by other brands. It comes in an Ocean Fish and Rice
flavor, made with real fish, which is the first ingredient.

Iams’ all-natural dog food is
defined as having no corn, chicken by-product meal or soy, no artificial
preservatives, colors or flavors, and is enhanced with a blend of vitamins and
antioxidants. It’s the highlight of Iams dog foods.

Not Much to Choose From

Iams has fewer options
for dog food compared to other brands. There may be few, but they are staple options. There are dry dog foods for
puppies, adults, mature adults, big and small dogs, six breed-specific options and an adult weight management formula. They lack in dog food options for dogs who have
certain serious health issues.

The breed-specific foods help with this a bit since it’s catered to a breed’s specific needs and
health problems, but if your dog isn’t one of the six breeds they make food for,
then you’re out of luck with Iams. Wet food options are limited as well.

If your dog doesn’t have a serious
health ailment, but still has a problem with a sensitive tummy, Iams dog food
could still be a good option because it’s made
with a well-balanced blend of nutritious meats and vegetables. Simply putting your dog on a healthy diet can
help with sensitivity.

What Customers Think

It’s almost hilarious how well Iams works for people’s pets,
considering one of the most negative reviews you can find on it is that the
Beef and Lamb flavor of the adult dry dog food caused a lot of dogs to have
extra smelly gas (the chicken flavor is a good alternative). Overall, the
reviews of Iams dry dog foods are positive.

Some people have had problems with the chihuahua breed dog food formula, it caused
their dog to have diarrhea, but they weren’t sure if it was the dog food
specifically that caused it or if it was
due to a mistake made by the supplier they got it from. After looking further into the reviews, I came across more
complaints of diarrhea caused by Iams dog food, not just from the Chihuahua
formula. Most of these complaints are on Amazon.

Those who bought the dog food from Chewy
didn’t have issues with digestion problems in their dogs, but had problems with a general disliking and had to
switch back to a different brand.

Most people who have reviewed Iams dog food products decided
to use it in the first place because of a recommendation from either their
veterinarian or friends who were happy with it. Some dogs just don’t take to it well, but most do just
fine. Don’t feel turned away by the bad reviews;
these were just a handful out of
hundreds of good reviews. Iams is very much a good dog food brand to use.

In Conclusion

Iams brand dog food is the healthiest option you’re going to
find for a low price. Of course, higher quality is going to come with higher prices, but
if you’re looking to save some money without sacrificing your dog’s health and
wellbeing, Iams is the way to go.

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