Iams Proactive Health Adult Optimal Weight Dry Dog Food

There are very few brands on
the market today that have a history quite as illustrious as IAMS. Not only
does IAMS produce some of the best dog food out there but they were the very
first company that dared to use chicken by-product meal as well as animal
protein in their pet foods.

That step has proven rather fortuitous given the fact that canines
get the best of their protein intake from real meat as opposed to plant-based
proteins used by most other brands. That alone should tell you that IAMS is one
of those companies that have their eyes
on the future and are willing to explore new grounds just to bring your pet the best nutrition.

While IAMS has a long list of dog food options, today, we are going to take a closer look at their Proactive Heath Adult Optimal Weight Dry Dog Food. We will examine the kind of ingredients that go into this meal, which kinds of dog would most benefit from it as well as why you should consider getting it for your pooch.

This IAMS Proactive Health Adult Optimal Weight Dry Dog Food will
give you a good picture of the product itself and hopefully show you why it’s
worth considering.

IAMS Proactive Health Adult Optimal
Weight Dry Dog Food

The first thing you need to
know is that weight control diets for pets were
developed because obesity causes just as many health problems in your
pet as it does you. If you have an overweight dog, the excess energy that dog
has stored in its fat reservoirs fuels excessive growth in young dogs at a
maximal rate. While that might sound like something you want for your furry
little friend, it actually isn’t!

Maximal growth isn’t to be
confused with optimal growth. Optimal growth occurs when your pet develops the
right amount of muscle, body weight and gets the right kind of nutrition and
exercise to ensure that his or her limbs are well developed and strong.

Maximal growth, on the other
hand, causes problems because their little bodies can’t comfortably handle
maximal growth rates. Couple that with the heavy body weight they have to carry
around and you quickly find pets that have not
only ligament issues but also heart problems as well as orthopedic

Obesity in dogs isn’t just a
mobility concern issue. Excessive weight in pets has been linked to various other diseases such as:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Cardiorespiratory disease
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Urinary disorders
  • Dermatological diseases
  • Pancreatitis

It goes without saying that if
you have an overweight dog, you should be
doing everything in your power to control that weight and get them back to a
fit and trim level where they can run around without capturing any cruciate.

That is why pet foods such as the Proactive Health Adult Optimal Weight Dry Dog Food by IAMS are so crucial in the industry. They allow you to feed your pet with delicious meals they will enjoy all the while striving to keep them within optimal weight.

Key Ingredients in the IAMS Proactive Health
Adult Optimal Weight Dry Dog Food

There are many ingredients
used in the food, but we are just going
to look at a few that might be of interest to you as a dog owner:

  • Cornmeal. While it’s not always a good sign to see the word
    “cornmeal” as an ingredient in pet food, IAMS says that the cornmeal
    in their ingredients list is a key factor in making this meal what it is. This
    is because it goes towards providing the animal with the right amount of energy
    through carbohydrates without necessarily adding too many calories to the mix.
  • Chicken
    by-product meal.
    Chicken is a good source of protein and
    vitamin B6 as well as phosphorous, Selenium and Niacin. Additionally, the
    chicken in this meal does contain glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which are
    all wonderful substances that go towards
    helping your dog with joint problems.
  • Chicken. As
    opposed to chicken by-products which could be argued to be less nutritious than actual chicken, this food also contains
    real chicken which is not only delicious but also instead packed with animal-protein which every dog needs.

This ProActive Health Weight Control is formulated using substances such as L-Carnitine which is critical in nursing your dog back to optimal health and weight. Because it has real chicken and chicken by-products, you can trust that it contains a high percentage of animal protein (22%) which helps to keep your dog’s muscles firm.

The meal also has antioxidants
which provide your pet with a strong
immune system that helps him or her fight
all the possible diseases that come with obesity as mentioned before. Also,
because this is a dry food, you can rest assure that your dog with have less plaque and tartar when he or she chews on these
crunchy kibbles.

Pros of Choosing IAMS ProActive Health Weight Control Dog Food

  • Perfect for dogs with weight issues as well as
    dogs that get minimal exercise (20 minutes per day)
  • Has a crunchy texture that keeps your dog’s
    teeth clean and breath fresh
  • Has a host of natural ingredients that are
    healthy and tasty to your dog
  • IAMS doesn’t use any fillers or artificial
    preservatives in this meal

Cons of Choosing IAMS ProActive Health Weight Control Dog Food

  • Has cornmeal as part of the
    ingredients. This isn’t always
    good for dogs that have sensitive stomachs

While having corn as the first
ingredient isn’t always the best of signs, there is no doubt that IAMS has
taken every precaution to ensure that this meal is by far one of the best in
the market. The company has an illustrious history of using high-quality production methods and only the
best natural ingredients in their pet foods.

If you have a dog that has a
weight issue and could use a meal that has real chicken in it as the primary
source of protein as well as taste, then the IAMS ProActive Health Weight
Control Dog Food should be at the top of your list. 

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