It’s Tick Season! – Whole Dog Journal

One minute, my husband and I had been having a superbly
bizarre dialog within the kitchen. In the following second, I used to be ripping off my
sweatshirt, my T-shirt, and what I had on below that. No, my husband’s phrases
weren’t seductive and it wasn’t a scorching flash. Can you guess?

“Ack! Tick! On my back! Get it! Get it! Get it!”

With all of the restrictions on socializing, my solely recreation
has been taking my canine for walks – and three
previously week, I’ve all of a sudden felt the unmistakable sensation of one thing
crawling on my physique the place nothing should be crawling. The one which made me
rip off my garments within the kitchen was the third one!

That creepy sensation

The first one woke me out of a useless sleep. I had fallen
asleep on the sofa whereas watching a late-night film, and wakened thrashing –
a tick was strolling throughout my wrist! Somehow I got here wide-awake instantly and
managed to exactly seize the insect – a giant canine tick – between my fingers.
Nothing, and I imply nothing, has ever
woke up me so shortly, zero to 60, as quick as that feeling.

The second one was whereas we had been strolling on a path. I felt
what I believed was possibly a mosquito on my neck. But when a wave of my hand
didn’t cease the sensation of one thing tiny touching me, my fingers explored and
I felt the insect crawling alongside my hairline. I flung it away from me and
instantly regretted the motion; it could dwell one other day! Darn it! I may
have killed it!

The solely solace I’ve concerning the present infestation,
typical for this season on this space, is that I haven’t (but) found a tick
that had already embedded itself on my physique someplace. I’ve pulled a pair
off of Otto – who’s a tick magnet
and simply this morning, eliminated a teeny deer tick, smaller than the pinnacle of a pin, from Woody’s eyelid, the place it was
nearly invisible amongst his eyelashes (he saved rubbing his eye, which made me
examine additional). But up to now, my sensitivity to the crawling sensation has
saved me secure from a chew.

I’m struggling as I write this to maintain myself from
investigating an imagined crawling
sensation each jiffy. I don’t have a tick on me now – at the very least, I’m
fairly certain I don’t – however after each discovery of one of many creepy bugs, I
undergo from lingering paranoia for days. Ugh, I despise them!

I’ve been flea-combing the canine assiduously after our
walks, and but, someway, ticks are getting introduced house and into the home –
and onto the couch and onto me! This is making me want for some form of
pressurized airlock that the entire household (canine and human) has to go
via with a purpose to get into the home, one thing highly effective sufficient to blow all
free particles off of us and right into a flame chamber. If you’re an engineer, you
can patent that pet totally free! Just ship me a unit when it goes to market,
will you?

What do you try this works finest for shielding your loved ones
(canine and human) from ticks?

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