Meat and Meat Meal: Sorting Through Animal Protein Sources

A couple of years in the past, we added a brand new column to the chart full of knowledge that we publish in our annual “approved dry dog foods” listing within the February challenge. The column tabulates what number of canine meals made by every firm on the listing had been made with meat solely, meat meal solely, and/or a mixture of meat and meat meal.

These tabulations don’t represent a judgment in regards to the merchandise listed; they’re merely info for canine homeowners who perceive the variations between the phrases and the inferences that one could make from that info. But it has come to our consideration that a lot of you aren’t conscious of what, precisely, you may infer a few pet meals firm – or a person product – from its inclusion of meat, meal, or each on its elements panel. So let’s clear this up!


First, although, it’s essential to perceive that, for the needs of this article, after we use the generic phrases “meat” and “meat meal,” we’re discussing named meats: hen and hen meal, pork and pork meal, beef and beef meal, and many others. We don’t embrace any merchandise on our “approved foods” lists that make the most of unspecified protein sources on the elements label. When an unnamed animal protein supply seems on the elements panel, the buyer has no thought of what mammal or kind of poultry is within the can or bag.

To repeat: If you see one of many following phrases on the elements listing of a pet food, you gained’t see that pet food on our “approved foods” lists: meat, meat by-products, meat meal, meat and bone meal, poultry, poultry by-products, poultry meal, poultry by-products meal. 

 Each of those phrases or phrases have authorized definitions once they seem on an ingredient panel. Lacking a phrase that signifies the species of animal has contributed the “meat” in query, the customer has no method of figuring out what they may be feeding their canine. Is it beef? Lamb? Pork? Chicken? Whatever leftover animal protein supply the producer should purchase on sale? There is not any strategy to know. 


What we’re discussing right here and now, although, is the distinction between named meats and their named meat meal corollaries. What’s the distinction between hen and hen meal, beef and beef meal, and many others.? 

There is a essential clock ticking in terms of contemporary and frozen meats and meat by-products. Refrigeration is expensive – and doesn’t maintain off degradation of the elements for lengthy. Freezing preserves meats longer, however is a number of components extra expensive than refrigeration. Companies that use contemporary meats of their pet meals must get these elements into their mixers and extruders shortly; the extra time it takes to get from the meat-processing plant to the food-manufacturing plant, the more expensive the elements change into.

If the meat merchandise are not refrigerated or frozen, their high quality is closely impacted by the point and distance it takes them to journey to both a rendering firm or a pet meals producer. The longer it takes them to be cooked in a single kind or one other, the extra bacterial decay and enzymatic breakdown will happen, affecting the standard of the protein and fats. 

Pet meals makers want to check and management a slew of quality-indicated parameters to ensure the meat-based elements are of ample high quality to be secure, nutritious, and palatable. The high quality of the product may be decided by the colour and odor of the fabric, in addition to analytical values for protein, out there lysine, complete lysine, methionine, pepsin digestibility (greater values are equated with greater protein content material), peroxide worth (greater values imply higher rancidity of the fat), OSI worth (signifies the oxidative stability of the fat), ash (extra on that in a minute), degree and sort of amino acids they comprise.


The ash content material in a pet meals corresponds virtually totally to the quantity of bone that’s included within the product’s animal protein sources; it consists of the minerals that will be left should you burned all the pieces in a meals that will burn. Foods with an enough quantity of calcium, phosphorus, and different minerals they want – however no extra – might comprise as little as 2% ash. Super cheap, low-quality meals might comprise as a lot as 10% ash, indicating that they had been made with animal protein sources that included a whole lot of bone. Most canine meals comprise between 5% and eight% ash. 

Meat meals are made by a course of known as rendering. The course of is known as “rendering” because it renders risky, degradable meats right into a extra steady kind. The animal merchandise are subjected to excessive temperatures, each with a view to kill any pathogens and to drive a specific amount of moisture and fats away from the bone and tissue. 

Once the product is in a lower-moisture kind (round 10%), it’ll stay comparatively steady at room temperatures for months. Meat meals may be shipped and saved for a while, till the pet meals producer is able to make some meals. 

For these causes, the smaller the annual gross sales of a pet meals model, the much less continuously will probably be made, the extra possible it’s that the product can be made with meat meals, quite than contemporary meats. Meat from unique species which can be in restricted provide (maybe solely seasonally) is sort of at all times provided within the type of a rendered meal. 

Competent rendering firms can produce meat meals with a variety of fats and “ash” content material, and pet meals firms will stipulate how a lot fats and ash they need within the elements they purchase from the renderer. In basic, higher-fat elements will value greater than lower-fat elements. Lower-ash elements value greater than high-ash elements. 


There are firms which have staked their complete reputations on the truth that they use solely meats, by no means meat meals, of their dry canine meals. Is this actually an indication of upper high quality? 

Actually, there’s one thing to look out for in these “meat only” (meal-free) dry canine meals: the inclusion (and continuously, the over-representation) of plant-sourced proteins, which have a much less fascinating amino acid profile than meat (for canines). 

Remember, elements are listed on the label so as of pre-processing weight within the meals’s system. Meat comprises about 70% moisture and could be very heavy, so whether it is included in a big sufficient amount in order to look first or second on the ingredient listing, it may well’t really be supplying the vast majority of the product’s protein. This is as a result of the meats which can be utilized in pet meals – which really comprise fairly a little bit of pores and skin, fats, connective tissue, and bone – might comprise as little as 8% protein.

In meals that comprise each meat and meat meal excessive on the elements listing, it’s the meat meal that provides many of the protein within the product. If there isn’t any meat meal in a dry pet food, it has to have some plant protein sources to spice up the protein content material to enough ranges. We couldn’t say, then, that we really feel these meat-only dry pet food formulations are higher. 


We’re sorry to say it, however the components that most have an effect on the standard of the meat elements in canine meals are completely unattainable to substantiate. The supply of the elements, whether or not they’re stored chilled, the gap to the rendering plant or food-production facility, the period of time it takes for these elements to be processed . . . none of these items are verifiable by shoppers (or journalists, in case you had been questioning). 

Giant conglomerate meals firms even have a bonus right here, in that many have rendering and/or pet meals manufacturing services adjoining to their human meals processing services, sparing the meat and meat by-products an extended journey on the native air temperature. 

That mentioned, there have to be smaller firms which have situated their manufacturing services conveniently near their animal-protein suppliers. And we all know that some pet meals makers do maintain their meat elements chilled all the best way between the slaughterhouse to their pet meals mixing and extrusion or canning gear. But these info are troublesome to confirm and topic to alter at a second’s discover. Consumers (us included) are caught with having to belief the status of the corporate and efficiency of the merchandise themselves. 

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