Natural Balance Dog Food Reviews

The Natural Balance brand has 27 different dry dog foods,
including foods for small breeds, large breeds, puppies and adults. Unfortunately,
Natural Balance doesn’t make senior dog food. They also have some special formulas, like the Vegetarian Formula
for vegan dogs, High Protein, Reduced Calorie for dogs who need help losing
weight and Limited Ingredient Diet Formula for dogs who have sensitive tummies.

Vegetarian dog food is hard to come by, but it’s becoming
more popular since it helps with heart and kidney issues. One of the customers
who used the vegetarian dog food by Natural Balance told a touching story about
how their dog was given a month to live due to kidney failure and ended up
living a whole year after starting this dog food.

The recipe in the vegetarian formula helped their dog be
happy and comfortable during the little time they had left. It’s made with brown rice, oats, peas, and potatoes. It also has dried kelp and
spinach along with other added vitamins and minerals.

If you’re considering putting your dog on a vegetarian diet,
don’t be too worried about the nutrients your dog is or isn’t getting. As long
as you use Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula, you can trust that your pet is
getting everything they need since it meets the nutritional levels established
by the AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials). All of the
dog foods made by Natural Balance meet these requirements. That’s an important
thing to look for when buying dog food; it
assures you that your dog is getting the best balance of nutrients for their
age group.

Natural Balance has positive and negative reviews, but the
vast majority are positive.

Positive Reviews

The Original Recipe by Natural Balance has low amounts of
protein in it. Pet owners who have dogs with serious
liver issues have had luck with dog food and say that it helped reduce the
symptoms that come with liver problems in dogs, such as vomiting and lethargy.
Liver issues aren’t the only health concern that Natural Balance has helped
people with. Even dogs that don’t have
any health problems or ailments still had their overall health and energy
improve after switching to this dog food.

The main reason that so many say they’ve started giving
their dog Natural Balance is that the dog
food formulas made by them are gluten-free. Grain-free and gluten-free dog
foods, no matter what brand they are, have higher quality ingredients like chicken,
beef, whitefish, salmon, tuna and turkey. It leaves out grains, which dogs
don’t actually need. The main nutrient required to keep them healthy is

A lot of brands use starchy grains as fillers in the dog
food they make to save them money in production. Fillers keep your dog from getting the correct amount of nutrients
they need, and it’s hard on their
digestive systems when consumed in large amounts. Grains can also irritate your
dog’s skin and cause increased allergy problems.

Natural Balance seems to have even helped dogs with ear
infections; it’s unclear why this is.
Customers said that after trying other remedies and not having any success in
alleviating their dog’s red and swollen ears, they were recommended by their
vet to try this dog food and it helped immediately.

All of these benefits come at a steep cost. The prices of
Natural Balance dog foods are a little high, but
everyone in the reviews say that it’s
more than worth it because of how well their dogs do on it.

Negative Reviews

A reoccurring problem that people notice is that the color
and smell of the Original Recipe by Natural Balance is always changing. One
time when they bought the bag of dog food, the kibbles were a darker color and
then the next time they bought it, it was lighter in color, and it’s always
different every time a new one is purchased.

One of the customers who experienced this said that the fat
content in each of the bags was different, causing the color of the food to be
different, but this was just an assumption made by them and not verified by the

Natural Balance dog food tends to go bad quickly. Customers
who reviewed these products recommended to not buy the dog food in bulk because
of the short shelf life. They said that after 28 or so days, their dog would no
longer eat the food and it began to have an odd smell. The bag was unopened and
sitting on a shelf for that time period
with nothing nearby that could’ve contaminated it.

Officially, an unopened bag of dry dog food sitting in a
pantry should last at least 2 or more months past the printed date on the bag, although the nutritional value does
increase over time. So, it’s odd that this dog food would go bad after just a
month. The amount of time it spent on the
shelf in the store can affect this as well so
when you’re buying dog food, pick out the bag with the latest expiration date
on it so that it lasts longer when you take it home.

Usually, when food is all-natural and not processed, it goes
bad quicker because of the lack of preservatives. Would you rather buy dog food more often than normal, or give your dog food that is loaded with preservatives,
which are very unhealthy and can shorten your pet’s lifespan?

Natural Balance dog food is one of the healthiest dog foods
that you can buy because it’s grain-free and loaded with lots of vitamins and
minerals. Plus, it’s cheaper than other all-natural dog foods that are
available, making it the most sensible option. It has lots of good reviews
given by customers and has a 4.4 out of 5 stars on its Amazon reviews. All
sizes and ages and types of dogs seem to do well on this food, and not many have issues with it.

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