Not-So-Great New Pet Introductions – Whole Dog Journal

In an ideal world, the lion actually would lie down with the lamb (or the wolf with the rabbit), however our world isn’t excellent, and introductions don’t at all times go as easily as we would hope. 

If both social gathering shows a powerful arousal response or robust concern/stress response, you’ll want to include extra important habits modification protocols into your introduction situation. The cautious introduction course of described in the principle article  will forestall any disasters, however if you happen to see important misery or arousal behaviors from both animal, abort the introduction and rethink your place:

• Am I actually dedicated to creating the trouble that can be obligatory for this new animal companion to reside safely and fortunately in my household?

• If so, are all members of this household additionally in settlement and prepared and in a position to do the habits modification and administration obligatory to perform this?

• If habits modification shouldn’t be profitable, are we ready to very fastidiously handle this surroundings for the rest of our animals’ lives?

If the reply to any of those questions is not any, then the possible new member of the family might be higher off getting back from whence she got here, or being uber-managed till you may rehome her, if she got here from a uncared for or in any other case undesirable scenario. 

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