Potty Training Yorkie Puppies – 6 Steps For Potty Training Your Yorkie

They are the dogs of the Queen, and many dog ​​owners love their breed. If you have Yorkshire puppies, then one of the first things you need to do is potty train them. Potty training Yorkie puppies is not too difficult, as long as you know how to cater to these dogs and their learning process. The sooner you are able to train the puppies, the easier things will get … and the cleaner your carpet will remain.

Small Bladder Problems
The problem with Yorkie puppies is that they have small bladders, which makes it harder for them to hold their pee. This means you may have to wait until a few months – or more – before you can start training the puppy.

The Process
1. First, you want to train your puppy where to go within the house to start training them. Start with pee pads or newspaper in the house.

2. Put some of your dog's urine on the pad or newspaper so that the puppy identifies the paper as a place to pea.

3. Yorkshire puppies only need a small area to pee because they are small, which means you can keep them in a designated potty area. This is critical in potty training Yorkie puppies.

4. Once the puppy has begun to pee in one spot, you can take your puppy outside. Take them to the same spot every time so they can keep peeing in that area.

5. Be sure to train your Yorkie puppy that pee time is not play time, otherwise they may become confused.

6. Always take your puppy out at the same time every day. This way they learn to use the bathroom at certain times and will begin to hold their bladder until its time to pee.

In addition, always be sure to reward your Yorkie puppy for peeing in the right spot and at the right time. This is critical in potty training Yorkie puppies.

Source by Andrew Kosinski

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