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first noticed this toy – really, a set of two – at a commerce present. I had no clue what they did, however they didn’t look that fascinating, both. 

But then an organization consultant approached and requested if I knew what the toys did. “Nope!” I replied. “Show me!” He depressed a hidden button on one, and it emitted some chiming notes. Then he pressed the button on the opposite egg and it, too, chimed – after which began making some digital chirping sounds. “The toys are paired through a Bluetooth connection,” he defined. “One makes an intermittent noise until it is jostled; then it goes silent and the other egg starts making a noise. Once your dog figures out how they work, you can put the eggs up to 30 feet apart from each other and your dog can have fun running from one to the other!”

Okay, now I used to be intrigued. I do know many canines prefer to play with toys that make digital sounds, such because the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball. The idea of a toy consisting of two items that take turns interacting along with your canine – that’s greater than twice the enjoyable! I couldn’t anticipate my canines to strive the Ricochet.


The toys are supposed to be loved by one canine at a time, and in reality, don’t work nicely when multiple canine is within the recreation on the identical time. The sounds they make “ricochet” from one egg to the opposite when the noisy one is moved; if multiple canine is enjoying, the bouncing of the sound from one egg to the opposite can’t be predicted or chased.

We gave the Ricochet to 6 completely different canines to play with; every was intrigued by the noises the toys made and intuitively nudged the toys with their noses or paws. The larger canines all tried to choose up the toys of their mouths and crack them open; play with these toys must be supervised and typically redirected. (My giant canines might positively chunk open the toys if permitted.) But even our six-pound check canine loved pushing the toys round.

Another motive to affix your canine in enjoying with the Ricochet toys: At some level, each canine would fixate on the toy closest to them, disregarding its silence and the more and more frantic tones of the different toy. That’s when you need to step in, taking away the one they’re fixating on and getting them to hear for the chirping of the different toy. “Oh, right!” the canine will appear to say, tearing out of the room to seek out the opposite one. Then you’ll be able to shortly conceal the one you took away, so your canine can have enjoyable on the lookout for it when it begins chirping once more.

The size of time that our check canines performed with the toys different by temperament. A 6-year-old feminine Golden Retriever would have performed with the toys till they have been useless. My 12-year-old mixed-breed male, Otto, grasped the sport in a short time – however misplaced curiosity the second I ended actively encouraging him to go away the non-chirping toy and search for the one which was making noise. All the opposite canines have been in between. 


The toys every are about 4 inches lengthy and made with a tough plastic case; the ends are coated with a softer, rubbery substance that retains the toys from making a horrendous clatter as a canine knocks them about. 

The toys might be turned off by urgent a hidden button on every egg. If you don’t flip them off, they are going to often chirp, lastly turning themselves off after 60 minutes with out movement.

Each egg requires three AAA batteries. PetSafe says the batteries will final for a couple of month of every day use. The Ricochet comes with a one-year guarantee when bought new from a licensed vendor. PetSafe gives a satisfaction assure, returning your buy value (much less transport value) for those who return the toy inside 45 days. 


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