Satos are Puerto Rican Street Dogs, and You Can Adopt One


In Puerto Rico, canines that stay on the streets are known as satos, and there are over 300,000 of those stray canines on the island. There is even a seaside on the southeast aspect of the island generally known as Dead Dog Beach as a result of so many pups are deserted there. After Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the issue elevated as energy outages made it not possible for veterinarians to supply care, and many individuals needed to abandon their pets attributable to homelessness.

Needless to say, the sato problem is a giant downside in Puerto Rico, however one which a number of particular native teams try to treatment. These rescue organizations are manned by volunteers that reply to calls from locals who spot a stray canine or deserted litter of puppies. The satos are then taken in by the organizations and given medical therapy if wanted earlier than going to a foster house. Many of the canines which are rescued are fostered domestically earlier than making the trek to the States to search out their perpetually house.

Oftentimes, litters of rescued puppies may have had no human contact of their quick lives, making them fearful once they’re first despatched to a foster house. So a number of the rescue teams search for volunteers to come back play with the puppies so as to get them used to people. Kids will be particularly good at this due to their pure power, and interacting with smaller people offers the sato puppies that much-needed “good with kids” attribute so many houses search for when adopting.

Siblings Violet, age 11, and Beckett, age 9, have spent many hours enjoying with rescued puppies to get them prepared for a brand new life with a perpetually household.

“They’re just so much fun to play with,” Violet mentioned, “I mean, they’re puppies. They don’t deserve to be on the streets. They deserve to be in a good home.”

“I like playing with them because they’re really cute and stuff,” added Beckett, “Helping them makes me happy.”

The siblings volunteer with Love4Satos, a rescue group headquartered in Guaynabo. More details about them and different native sato rescue teams will be discovered on Facebook.

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