Tips For Potty Training A Puppy

Potty training your new puppy can be a challenging time for you, but there are a few tips for potty training a puppy that you can follow to ensure that this important transition occurs smoothly and with a minimum of accidents.

Potty training a puppy should only take a few weeks, as long as you are consistent and committed to the task at hand. It’s important to be prepared to train your new puppy from the moment you take possession of him, as re-training an older dog can be difficult.

Your puppy needs to learn where his designated toilet area is. The area can be as specific as a particular corner of your garden, or more generally, outside of the house. Take your dog outside on a leash and let him find the designated area. Stand quietly so that you don’t distract him and, when he begins to relieve himself, praise him using a chosen phrase, such as “good toilet”. If your pup has not relieved himself after about five minutes, take him back inside and try again later.

Establishing a schedule is important. Regulate your puppy’s waking-up time and bed time to help his body establish a routine. You can expect your pup to be able to control his bladder for up to eight hours at night time. Young pups will require naps during the day, so you need to ensure that your schedule is accommodating of those.

Once your pup has woken up, take him outside, preferably on a leash, to let him relieve himself. An important tip for potty training a puppy is to remember that if he has had a bad fright, or a particularly rough and tumble play session, he may need to relieve himself.

During the day, keeping an eye on where your puppy is in your house. This knowledge can help you prevent accidents. If you catch your puppy relieving himself inside, loudly and firmly say “No!”, or clap your hands in front of his face. Picking him up may also make him stop. It’s then important to get him outside to finish the job in his designated area. If you find a mess inside, put your puppy on his leash, calmly walk him to the spot and say firmly “No!” Pick up some of the mess and take it and your dog to the designated area outside. Place the mess on the ground, let your dog see it and then offer praise.

Another tip for potty training your puppy – do not rub your new pup’s nose in the mess he has made, or physically punish him. This won’t teach your puppy not to urinate inside – it will simply teach him not to do it in front of you. Keeping your puppy entertained is another good tip for potty training. While you are inside and busy with television or chores, give your pup some toys to play with.

Like potty training a toddler, you can be certain that there will be a few accidents here and there. Reward your pup for a job well done and he will learn which behavior pleases you. I hope you have enjoyed these tips for potty training a puppy.

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