Top 5 Fast Tips for Potty Training a Puppy

The decision to buy a new puppy carries some major responsibilities. In fact, the first few weeks of having a dog in the house can really try your patience. The good news is that there are some easy ways for you to handle the responsibilities of raising a new dog. One of the first things you need to do to mould your puppy into a well-mannered dog is to potty train him. Here are the top five tips for potty training a puppy that you can follow in order to make at least one part of dog training a lot less stressful for you and your dog.

1. During the day, limit your dog’s activities within an area where it wouldn’t be too much of a problem in case he has an “accident.” For example, let him play only in an area with tiled flooring where it will be easy to clean up his mess. If there is no tiled area in your house or apartment, you may cover a portion of the floor or carpet with polythene sheeting and newspaper and then cordon off that area. If your dog urinates or defecates in that area, simply replace the newspaper covering. This will help ensure that you do not go nuts while your puppy is still learning to control his bladder and identify the designated elimination area.

2. Stick to a toilet schedule. Remember that puppies still do not have much control over their bladder, and because they are very small, they normally have to eliminate more often. For this reason, you will have to bring your puppy to the designated elimination area every couple of hours. If you are unable to do so, then you will just have to expect to see a mess from time to time.

3. As the weeks progress and your puppy slowly learns to go to the designate elimination area whenever he feels the need to pee or defecate, you may increase the area where he is allowed to roam free inside your house.

4. One of the most important and useful tips for potty training a puppy is to use positive reinforcement and avoid punishment as much as possible. Dogs thrive in a positive environment and they just love getting praises and rewards from their owners. In contrast, punishment tends to make them withdraw into themselves and sometimes even exhibit aggressive behaviour.

5. Above all, you should be patient when potty training a puppy. Remember that positive training results do not happen overnight. Puppies are like very young children in that they need sufficient time to learn new things. This is why you need to be patient and consistent in potty training. Your patience will definitely be worth it when you see your puppy mature into a loving dog with excellent manners.

As long as you follow these five tips for potty training a puppy, you will soon realize that it is not actually as difficult as you first thought it to be. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to enjoy every single minute you spend with your dog and he will become a welcome addition to your immediate family.

Source by Michael Brapopol

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