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I’m the proud proprietor of a number of canine.  I like having multiple canine and I’ve at all times had at the least two since I used to be eighteen years previous.

Growing up, my dad and mom have been reluctant to let me have ONE canine.  We lastly obtained ONE canine, a Chow Chow, and I begged for an additional, however my mother at all times stated, “then she’d be part of a pack and would need and love us less.”

I feel this was simply an excuse. 😉

So anyway, after I moved out and obtained my very own home, it wasn’t lengthy earlier than I owned two canine.  The most I’ve ever had was 4 canine; at the moment, I’ve obtained three residing with me.

And it highlights for me, the extra canine you have got, the extra you have to work at retaining them educated and bonded with you, not simply with each other.

I’m regularly requested:  “How do you train more than one dog at a time?”

It’s an excellent query, as a result of I do know there are many multi-dog houses on the market.

So at this time we’ll focus on this necessary matter and I’ll give you my ideas:

Can You Train Two (Or More) Dogs Something NEW Together?

Dogs are like toddlers with fur; they’ve an extra of vitality and so they have a tough sufficient time concentrating when there are NO DISTRACTIONS.  You actually should work to construct a very good basis to get management of your canine’s behaviors in distracting environments.

And, canine are tremendous aggressive (similar to toddlers) they actually don’t like, nor do they wish to share.  And while you put a few them collectively and attempt to practice; they aren’t excited about what they’re doing they’re anticipating you rewarding the opposite canine.

Dogs simply can’t be taught one thing with one other or different canine current; it simply isn’t truthful.  Even in case you do practice them this fashion it will take twice as lengthy and never be as efficient or construct that robust basis you’re searching for.

Take these toddlers to a zoo and attempt to train them one thing troublesome like math or studying… do you suppose that will be an efficient place for studying?

You by no means see a police canine coach, or an help canine coach attempting to coach a brand new canine with one other new and even skilled canine (socializing is completely different).

Professionals know that canine don’t be taught as nicely collectively.

That is they will’t be taught collectively whereas sharing the identical handler, nor can the handler (or proprietor) give multiple canine the suitable timing and a spotlight.

I typically giggle after I rewatch a number of the movies I’ve shot for this program since I typically let all my canine hang around whereas I work with one in all them.  I’d ask for eye contact and focus or for the canine to sit down and I see within the background my different canine staring wildly at me or sitting after I ask, and but I don’t see them on the time.  I’m too busy specializing in the canine I’m commanding.

In a canine that is aware of the command, this isn’t an enormous deal and he/she is aware of with whom I’m working however when I’m educating a canine that is too distracting and complicated.

The Argument For Teaching Your Dog’s One At A Time

I separate my canine when I’m educating one in all them one thing new.  I put everyone else in a crate or outdoors or separate into one other room and I work one canine at a time.  This approach they’ve my full focus and their little minds aren’t spinning about who else would possibly steal “THEIR” cookie.  They don’t have to fret about giving stink eye, or stiffening or growling when cookies are shared; they will merely think about the command I’m educating.  And later, as soon as they’ve discovered the command they’re much much less possessive over treats.

And, I can provide my full consideration to 1 canine and see the millisecond that he/she makes a constructive step towards the habits and this offers the canine clearer communication and the power to succeed.

It additionally permits me to bond with every of them individually as people.  I don’t need my canine to be overly reliant on each other.  I’ve had a number of canine come and go and get most cancers and die and I don’t need my different canine to not know perform with out the opposite.  This coaching provides them particular person consideration and reveals them how a lot enjoyable spending time with me may be!

Do my different canine throw suits after I take one other out… typically… however I don’t thoughts; to me that tells me they’re excited as a result of they know their flip might be subsequent!  If I actually hated it, I may train them to be quiet after I depart with one other canine.

When It’s Appropriate To Train Them TOGETHER

Is it EVER a good suggestion to coach your canine collectively?

Yes and no.

No, I can’t successfully train them one thing NEW when I’ve multiple.

Yes, I can put them collectively as soon as they’ve discovered the habits and perceive what I would like after which I can ask them to carry out the habits collectively.  I typically take all three canine for a stroll, however I taught them leash manners and heel individually!

Some folks ask me if they will use their canine AGAINST one another in coaching, to hurry it alongside.

Hahaha  YES!!!  Let me clarify.

Dogs typically get to a spot of their coaching the place it’s virtually as in the event that they problem you to “Make Them” carry out for you; and that is after I like to herald one other canine.  First I need to know that they perceive the habits however are merely selecting to not carry out it for me!

Then I usher in canine quantity 2 (who must know the command) and ask them to do it for me, and if he does he will get jackpotted and a whirlwind of reward and affection (supplied there might be no canine battle instigated over this).

When I educated Service Dogs all of them needed to be taught to retrieve and retrieve principally something together with metallic, which tastes icky.  And, so once they determined they actually didn’t like that merchandise and wouldn’t do it I might usher in NIX.  He would do something for a cookie and he would instantly retrieve the merchandise and provides it to me and I might very blatantly give him a HUGE deal with and love on him for compliance whereas ignoring the opposite canine.

I might then have him do it a number of extra occasions till the opposite canine was pissed off and leaping for the fallen merchandise.  Problem solved!!!  This virtually at all times made these obstinate canine resolve they wished to work for me!

Sometimes you simply must take a step again and have a look at it from their viewpoint and perceive how a lot particular person consideration they want!

Once you do this, your canine coaching will get a lot simpler!

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