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We listed quite a lot of purposes in the beginning of this text. Here’s slightly extra element on every one:

  • Polite greetings: Visitors coming? No downside! Give your canine a cheerful “Place” cue to ship her to her mat when the doorbell rings. Let her keep there whereas the guests enter. After you’ve greeted your friends, ask them to stroll over to your canine and greet her there. If she will get up, they step again and also you cue her to return to her mat. After they’ve greeted her, give your launch cue, and be able to ship her again to her mat if she will get too enthusiastic. (Remember to all the time hold your “Place” cue cheerful! You need her endlessly to have a really constructive affiliation together with her “Place.”)
  • Parking place: Your canine has such a stable mat conduct that you need to use it to “park” her any time you’re going to be hanging out for some time in a public place – at a dog-friendly restaurant, your canine’s coaching class, your little one’s classroom, when you sit on a bench at a park, or wherever else.
  • Happy place: This is one in all my favorites. Because your canine now has a super-positive affiliation together with her mat, you need to use it to assist her get glad or get courageous. Any place she could be fearful, she is prone to be much less fearful if she is on her mat. This is ideal for the ready room on the veterinary hospital, the dimensions, or the examination room ground (or desk, in case your vet makes use of one), to offer her confidence and traction, or wherever else that mildly stresses her, equivalent to practising below-threshold counter conditioning procedures. (However, keep in mind to offer her dozens of glad mat experiences for each one time you employ it as a de-stressor, so that you don’t poison her glad affiliation with it.) 
  • Any place: You can put a mat in each room in your own home, so you may ship your canine to a mat at any time, in any room. Take one (or a number of!) once you go go to your kinfolk and have the identical comfort. For most versatility, educate your canine the names of various mats in numerous rooms of the home, so you may ship her to a mat in any room from wherever in the home. Wow! 
  • Safe place: This is my different favourite software. If two of your canine are trying like they could be headed towards a tense confrontation, a well-installed, glad “Place!” cue can avert catastrophe and ship every one cheerfully to his personal mat. In order for this to work, the canine should have very clearly established, distinctly separate mats (to every his personal!), and you need to take the time to coach them each to go to their very own mats once you give the cue – first every one alone, then collectively. 

There can be worth in instructing every canine a completely different cue so you’ve got the choice of sending one to his mat however not the opposite – for instance, “Rocky, place! Wendell, mat!” 

You may also use it for other-species security. Perhaps your canine is fixated in your cat, not in a great way. “Place!” Perhaps your canine is guarding a useful resource (you) out of your associate’s attentions. “Place!”

Just be sure to richly reinforce this conduct to maintain it contemporary and interesting to your canine.

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