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Dogs appear to have an affinity for locating, consuming and having fun with cat poop. While this may by no means make logical sense to you, there are some the explanation why canines eat cat poop primarily based on well being or behavioral points. If you’re involved about your pooch consuming cat feces out of the litter field or whereas out and about, determine the rationale in an effort to create the answer.

Some canines appear to simply have a nostril for this, happening a stroll and out of nowhere discovering a brand new supply of cat poop. Stop questioning, “why do dogs eat cat poop,” and take a proactive method. If it isn’t a medical situation resulting in the cat poo craving, you may cope with the problem with canine coaching. As with most canine behavioral points, the sooner you begin the method and the extra constant you’re with coaching, the simpler the answer might be.  

Is Cat Poop Dangerous for My Dog

In most instances, canines consuming cat poop won’t have any destructive well being results from doing so. However, in the event that they eat cat feces from the litter field, they could ingest kitty litter that may result in a blockage within the intestines. In uncommon instances, canines can contract inside parasites from cat poop even when family cats don’t display any indicators of an infection. As a canine proprietor, you is perhaps much less inclined to just accept a shower of slobbery canine kisses making it a prime precedence to cease the conduct.

Although most conditions of canines consuming cat feces are benign, needless to say poop is poop and infrequently attracts flies, bugs, and icky parasites. Ill cats might enhance the possibility of your canine getting sick. Even in case your canine doesn’t get sick, he might go one thing to his human buddies via contact. You might keep away from the kisses, however what occurs if he licks his paw after which offers you 5. All in all, stopping the cat poop consuming behavior is a should for canine homeowners.

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop

The three main causes that canines will search out and eat cat poop: a dietary deficiency, style, and tedium. To determine which of the three is the underlying drawback, begin with a go to to your veterinarian.

Puppies truly begin consuming their very own poop when within the litter. Mom has an intuition to eat her puppies’ poop to assist hold the den clear and to forestall predators from sniffing the litter out. Even domesticated canines have this trait, so you’ll want to begin early to take away the urge of any feces consumption by your canines.

Since one of many causes many canines eat cat poop has to do with medical points and dietary deficiencies no matter what occurred within the litter, you’ll wish to schedule a go to together with your veterinarian. This go to will determine any well being points equivalent to worms, digestive enzyme points, or medicines that might result in dietary imbalances.  

Poop Eating: Coprophagia

Stool consuming is called coprophagia or coprophagy. While it defines the act, it doesn’t determine the trigger. However, this apply of stool consuming goes again to their scavengers traits of canines that ate any feces when there have been no different available meals sources. To this present day, wolves and coyotes will nonetheless devour poop in an effort to complement their diets.  

Stool eating is generally one thing that puppies outgrow with correct coaching and weight-reduction plan. The timeframe for that is often when mother weans them from her milk and the puppies start to eat stable pet food. Making certain they eat typically and vitamin-rich meals helps the weaning course of go easily.

Nutritional Deficiencies and Eating Cat Poop

When consuming feces (together with cat poop) is the results of a well being problem, it typically has to do with the physique not absorbing nutritional vitamins and minerals correctly. One frequent trigger is exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. This situation comes with signs of free stool, foul-smelling feces, and unexplained weight reduction. The veterinarian will conduct a blood panel to find out if medicine or a dietary change will assist alleviate the issue.

Some medical situations that use steroids or have excessive dietary restriction additionally cut back your canine’s capacity to correctly take in vitamins. Diabetes, Cushing’s illness, and thyroid points are the most typical culprits. Dietary restrictions can also go away your canine hungry, thus on the lookout for meals to satiate his starvation pangs. Supplements, modifications in medicine, or new meals typically assist alleviate the cat poop consuming in a majority of these instances.

Intestinal Parasites and Worms

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Not solely can your canine get intestinal parasites from consuming cat poop, however this may enhance their want to eat the cat poop. The parasites steal the vitamins out of your canine leaving him to wish to eat extra, be torpid, and even shed pounds. That’s proper; he can eat extra and shed pounds with out growing exercise.

If you believe you studied your canine has been uncovered to worms or might have an intestinal parasite an infection, search veterinarian care instantly. Most parasites are simply addressed with medicine and dietary supplements might be offered to assist your canine get his proper dietary wants met and acquire among the weight again. The sooner you nip this problem within the bud, the much less seemingly a weight-reduction plan craving will turn into a behavior.  

Lack of Mental Stimuli and Boredom

Dogs are naturally curious and can discover bother after they aren’t correctly stimulated. Providing your canine with ample psychological stimulation and train helps him get his power out and cut back his want to analyze every little thing. This extends to the cat litter field the place he might innocently go to analyze smells and notice there are little treats ready for him.

Dogs and Stress

Similar to being bored, stressed dogs develop behavioral issues. Stress could possibly be within the type of transferring to a brand new dwelling, getting adopted by a household, or having a brand new pet or kitten be a part of the pack. Pay consideration to your canine’s anxiousness. If he has by no means been a cat poop eater and abruptly begins when the household dynamic modifications, that is the signal that he’s reacting to family stresses.

The earlier you may handle the stress and adapt to a brand new family and behavioral options, the simpler it will likely be to cease the stress behavior from turning into a long-term dangerous behavior. Baby gates are nice to forestall your canine from accessing the litter field, however they’re additionally nice to set dwelling boundaries. Use this software when a brand new pet or perhaps a child are introduced into the house. Your canine will recognize having his personal house.

What to Do To Stop Dogs Eating Cat Poop

Cat poop within the dwelling must be an simply managed problem. If your canine is consuming cat poop from a litter field, that is typically a canine proprietor’s fault. Limiting entry to rooms the place the cat litter field is the simplest strategy to cut back and get rid of your canines style for cat poo. A child gate or small cat door that your canine can’t slot in is an easy resolution that lets cats have their house to enter the litter field whereas your canine now not has entry.

If your canine is consuming cat poop on walks or within the yard, you’ll have to be very proactive in regards to the problem. Walking canines on a leash enable you to management them and redirect them. In the yard, limiting the areas the place cats might poop limits the alternatives your canine should eat cat feces.

Consider Dietary Supplements

If your canine is consuming cat poop as a result of he’s lacking one thing in his weight-reduction plan, it’s time to vary his weight-reduction plan or add one thing to the combo. Start along with his pet food to verify his meals is filled with the vitamins that he wants. Pups, specifically, may have points if they’re consuming grownup pet food reasonably than pet system. If after altering the weight-reduction plan to extra hearty meals, ask your vet if a digestive enzymes complement is an efficient choice on your canine.

Dogs that don’t break down minerals correctly can’t take in them. By taking a digestive enzymes complement, many canines are in a position to higher metabolize the meals they devour and cut back the need to eat cat feces. A canine’s weight-reduction plan can also embrace some human, meals that assist to enhance digestion and enzyme breakdown.

Meat Tenderizers for Dog’s Diet

Many behaviorists and canine specialists recommend utilizing meat tenderizers to assist canines break down the proteins within the canine’s weight-reduction plan. By sprinkling just a little on their pet food, canines are in a position to get extra vitamin from the identical pet food portions. This helps hold weight down and enhance power ranges whereas coping with the canine behavioral problem of consuming cat poop.

Pineapple for a Dog’s Diet

Pineapple is a protected fruit for a pet to eat that’s excessive in fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. The fiber helps hold canines stool common and all digestive tracts transferring easily. Dogs just like the style of pineapple and can readily eat it. Do watch out about giving canines an excessive amount of pineapple as a result of it’s excessive in sugar and might result in points with diabetes or weight problems.

This fruit is assumed to assist canines cut back the craving of consuming cat poop. The motive pineapple is really helpful for poop consuming is as a result of it accommodates bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme that helps break down proteins. If the canine is consuming poop resulting from an enzyme deficiency, pineapple carefully will help primarily based on anecdotal proof. If the problem is a behavioral problem, don’t anticipate feeding your dog pineapple to do a lot of something to unravel the issue.

Making Feed Time Habits


Humans might lose observe of time relating to meals, however canines are very a lot pushed by an inside clock of starvation. If you aren’t feeding your canine at a recurrently set time or feeding him sufficient, he’ll get hungry and search out one thing to fulfill his craving. Puppies eat two to a few occasions a day as their physique builds bones and muscle whereas grownup canines eat one to 2 occasions a day.

Be per meals so your pet can depend on the schedule. If you might have an erratic work schedule, put money into an automated feeder. This helps particularly in case your canine has a canine door with outdoors entry and can search for locations the place cats, deer, or chickens have pooped. When feeding time is ordinary, your canine’s personal poop habits turn into extra routine as properly. This curbs his want to eat his personal poop in addition to cat poop.  

Eliminate Pet Boredom

Every canine coach will inform you that boredom is the only greatest motive canines discover bother. Dogs are curious canines. If you aren’t giving your canine sufficient train or the fitting kind of psychological stimulation, he’ll discover bother. This is perhaps within the type of tearing up your couch, getting int the trash or gnawing in your favourite sneakers.

It additionally results in discovering and consuming cat poop. While this conduct might begin with boredom it might become an undesirable behavior. You might regulate the psychological stimulation but when your canine has developed the behavior of consuming poop, you’ll have extra work to do.  


Clean Up After Your Dog and Cat

Keeping every little thing clear is one of the simplest ways to cease your canine from consuming canine and cat poop. This means recurrently cleansing out the litter field and choosing up feces present in and round the home instantly. The much less temptation there merely means you might have eradicated extra situations of your canine consuming cat poop.

If you might have an issue together with your cat (or neighborhood cats) defecating in your yard the place your canine performs, take into consideration masking sandboxes, planting lavender or thyme to discourage cats, or cut back the variety of areas a cat can dig. Adjust the panorama to scale back the possibility of your canine moving into cat poop you didn’t know was there.

There are additionally cat sprays and repellents which can be designed to maintain cats from sure areas equivalent to flower beds. Read the labels of those to verify your canine gained’t be harmed if he one way or the other client the repellant off the vegetation within the space.

Leashes: A Good Walking Habit

Walking your canine on a leash is an efficient behavior for a lot of causes. Animal behaviorists and canine trainers at all times discuss how one can management the canine higher when they’re on-lead. It helps with coaching for issues like heeling and recall. It additionally helps in altering behaviors points equivalent to canines consuming cat poop on walks.

Many canines, particularly canines with distinctive noses, have a tendency to search out cat poop the place canine homeowners don’t consider wanting. In a cut up second, a artful pooch can have a mouthful of cat poop leaving canine homeowners desperately attempting to get it out with out touching it. The behavior of strolling your canine on a leash offers you management over how distant from the trail he’ll go.

If your canine begins to zero-in on one thing he smells, then gently pull on the leash and redirect him. Tons of optimistic reinforcement and consistency train your canine that staying on observe is rewarding. This helps with extra than simply canines consuming cat poop; it will probably forestall snake bites, poison ingestion, and 1,000,000 different accidents that occur every day on walks and hikes.

CBD Oil Dog Treats

There is a brand new pattern of dietary supplements for canines that makes use of CBD oils. There continues to be loads of analysis to be executed on the varied advantages and potential risks of utilizing CBD oil treats and dietary supplements for canines though some anecdotal proof means that it will probably assist with the absorption of minerals to scale back canines want to eat cat poop.

Before beginning a CBD oil deal with plan on your canine, test together with your veterinarian. You’ll wish to analysis the fitting dosage and make sure that the CBD oil has no THC. While people can metabolize this, canines can’t. Do your analysis earlier than you add something new and just about untested to your canine’s weight-reduction plan. While hashish has been round for hundreds of years as a medicinal plant, take the time to know its full results and unwanted effects earlier than leaping in.

Check In With Your Dog Trainer

Animal behaviorists know that good coaching begins younger and has outcomes that final when consistency is maintained. Even canine with some medical situations that will have them inclined to eat cat poop is thought to reduce or cease the behavior. If a litter field is a wrongdoer, be certain that to make use of child gates and hold canines away from the temptation.

Meet together with your vet to substantiate that your canine is wholesome after which set an appointment with a canine coach. Dog trainers assist consider the scenario, help with dwelling format treatments, and offer you the coaching instruments to cease your canine from consuming cat poo. The longer the behavior has been in place, the more durable it’s to treatment it; that is true for all canine behavioral coaching and consuming cat poop isn’t any completely different. Make it a degree to cope with this instantly.


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